Aneesh Chaganty

What is the MAD Challenge?

The MAD Challenge was a competition I had with myself to watch one movie every day for an entire year – from September 13, 201o to September 12, 2011.

As a filmmaker, I think it’s very important to immerse oneself into film and The MAD Challenge was my way of immersing myself. There were no rules as to what genre I could watch (documentary and foreign included) as long as it fit in the running time of a feature. Here were the rules:

1. I watch one movie every day for a year.

2. I could not watch any movie that was already included in the Challenge more than once and have it count.

3. I could not watch a movie in advance. I could only make up for my debt if I have accumulated one.


You can find all of my reviews for those films (labeled by number) in the Archives of this website.

  1. This is awesome. Good luck Aneesh!

  2. Who doesn’t watch a movie a day…Just saying…enjoy yourself

  3. Wow, that’s a real challenge – watching a new movie every day and then writing about it. Great way to learn. Good luck with that!

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